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  1. How do I register as a new user?

    You can register as a new user at the flowing link:


  2. How do I login to my account?

    To log into your account, simply click on the following link:


  3. What are SmartPoints?

    SmartPoints are bonus points that give you even more savings on all our items. You may redeem your points at the checkout and get huge discounts or even get your items for FREE!

    For more information, click on the SmartPoints tab at the top of any Soldsmart page, or go to the following link: www.soldsmart.com.au/content.aspx?mid=spoints.htm

  4. How can I use my discount coupon?

    To redeem your coupon please do so at checkout. You will be prompted to enter the coupon code. After that your discount will be applied to the order. Please remember that coupons have an expiry date. After the expiry date coupons may no longer be redeemed. Please remember that coupon discounts are only valid for products which apply to the coupon.

  5. I have two discount coupons. Can I use them in the same order?

    Unfortunately no. You may only use one coupon per order.

    However, you can still use both coupons by creating 2 separate orders and entering each coupon code accordingly. The shipping fee for each item is the same regardless of whether you create one or multiple orders for products.

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